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Denominational Empires become Worldly Kingdoms:
How is it that "the church" as we know it has departed so far from what Jesus'
disciples were charged to establish. The Ekklesia, called out believers
can not function properly as disciples in the institutional, man-led church model that we see

Worldly Church Empires

Jesus when asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, answered; The kingdom of God is not coming in a way that can be observed, (seen with the physical eyes); (21) nor will they say, Look, here it is! or there it is! For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among you. (Luke 17:20 - Luke 17:21 20 )

It was "religion" that caused reformations and counter reformations to occur. Wars of rival religious groups destroyed tens of thousands. During the centuries of the Roman Catholic inquisition, men and women could be accused of heresy, tryed and tortured at any whim. These were pronounced heretic and imprisoned in chains, or executed by fire or ax! Christ's kingdom was never intended to be maintained by armies and generals. As Jesus told Pontius Pilate, "My kingdom is not of this world, if it were of this world my people would fight, but NOW it is not of this world."

Worldly power and dominion were absolutely NOT what Jesus endorsed to actualize his kingdom. Christ's apostles and disciples were sent out as sheep among wolves. Jesus clearly stated to Pilate the Roman governor, just before he was crucified, "my kingdom is not of this world, if it were my followers would fight." However it is clear that a future time is coming when the perfect will have come. In that day the perfect will include the personal physical rule of Christ over an earthly kingdom. Jesus reiterated to Pilate, "Now, my kingdom is Not Of This World!"

Yet, earthly kingdoms have usurped the purposes and desires of the Lord. The growth of institutional Christianity as a political, economic and social power began soon after the earliest years of the faith. The life of God expressed with truth and simplicity began to dissolve. Individual centers of fellowship were once Spirit led and non formalistic. The immediacy of first hand Holy Spirit revelation and Spiritual fellowship gave way to religious protocols and formalism. The power described in the Book of Acts church faded from existence. When religion becomes bereft of spiritual understanding and becomes a political force, it does its ugliest, most evil work. The spiritual house became divided. The Spiritual became in conflict with the secular. "The Spirit of Truth eventually is exchanged for a lie. The 'Right Spirit' which is self denial or selflessness is exchanged for the spirit of pride and supremacy. The final fruit of worldly power is domination, control, vengeance, and retribution.

Satan always a spiritual opportunist, seeks an opportunity to subvert and to usurp control of the church. Demonically inspired doctrines creep in gradually until the house is divided. Worldly vanity in the name of religion reigns in gaudy opulence. and individuals dominate the lives of ordinary believers. Religious empires once established must defend their strongholds of power even with bloodshed. When mere men demand to rule worldly kingdoms they are known to turn to violence even against their own brothers. Imagine the kingdom that will destroy one another in the name of God!

The wisdom and counsel of God's Word cautions us that we do not war and contend against the natural man but against 'spiritual powers in heavenly places.' The Kingdom of God is again being taught in Kingdom Theology which is conflict to the Gospel age of grace. As Jesus explained to pilot, "My kingdom is not of this world, if it were of this world my people would fight. But now it is not of this world." Denominationalism continues to build its own worldly kingdoms. They foster their own "princes and nobles" and highly-placed rulers of regions. Great religious denominations though they have largely departed from the faith at once presented by the apostles continue to set up heirachies of authority assigning their own rulers, lesser nobles to set themselves over multitudes of serfs who continue to serve the masters of religious fiefdoms. Those called "laiety" are segregated from the priest class and are relegated to subservience. The formalized clergy provide a meager ration of spiritual gruel that does little to nourish the "inner man" nor complete their discipleship. Among the manifold religious traditions of which we are familiar, there are many serious departures from understanding of truth once brought forth in the gospel to the gentiles. We have suffered a gradual trasformation into forms of godliness (2 Timothy Chap.3) and away from the promise of the new creation with liberty in a regenerated spiritual life, alive in righteousnes, power, and fruitfulness.

The institutional church affords little if any freedom to interact with the teacher or pastor during the time of public meeting.
What is called 'fellowship' is superficial.  It is rarely Spiritual or God-centered.
The Holy Spirit is throttled or constrained by time and doctrine.
Parishioners are not given a taste of Spiritual expression, derived from God's presence. Catechism takes the place of Spirit-led discipleship. Leadership style is modeled on skills learned from performers in media  Men or women leaders were never intended to be edified by a single source to share information about God.


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