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The Gospel of Grace and Salvation is presented in its original form. This is in contrast to the institutional Church experience.
Charles Pinkney considers the historical scope of Scripture to bring clarity to the essential doctrines of Christian life.
The Christian emphasis recognizes its debt to Jewish roots fulfilled in the Jesus the Messiah. The Gospel of Christ is founded upon The
Power of G-d
, presented by the Apostles of Christ, for which we have been instructed to "earnestly contend." Jude vs. 3

For anyone interested in the visual arts we include a complete Art Curriculum.
Lessons are classroom tested and thorough enough for middle school or high school application.
Home School teachers will also find a useful introduction to art in this  9-Lesson Mini Art Course.


Gene Paul Pinkney Poetry, Prose
Commemorative, Inspirational, Humorous

Gene Pinkney is a retired literature and humanities professor who has a passion for modern poetry as well as classic writers including Shakespeare. His writings bring to life the experiences that memorialize nature and relationships with individuals in the Red River Valley of North Dakota.

Gene Pinkney Collections of Poetry & Prose


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Tough Biblical Topics

"Tough Biblical Topics" uncovers controversies such as The rapture, God's wrath and the Christian, Kingdom Now theologies, Spiritual Abuse,
and The Apostasy. This also links to

Parnell perspectives on Israel.
Practical insights into how to
read the Bible
How to read the Bible, PDF
How to read the Bible, html

Learn How to Read and Understand
The Bible

You Are There
Face to Face with Bible Personalities

Writing and Poetry
Edie Klyve

NEW Nurturing Nuggets of Biblical Wisdom
Hallelujah Bread

Charles Pinkney all Christian Titles
How to Understand the Bible Better
(For Believers and Unbelievers)

Sign Posts to Apostasy
Are you aware of how your "church"
has departed from apostolic Truth?

Christian E-books by Charles Pinkney

Christianity is not about religion. It is not about tradition. It is not about depending upon the authority of a priest. It is actually not about joining a church, but rather it is about a transformed life.
It is said, "Christians have no grand children."
Each must come to God, via the Savior in his own time. Christ died for all but most do not recognize this nor turn to seek and find him.

Understanding The Precepts Of the Bible

A Guide to Bible Knowledge
The ancient book called the Bible is scoffed at
and lampooned. It is called "irrelevant" or "outdated."
Even theologians question in its infallibility.
In a world where Truth is no longer the hallmark,
believers turn to the Bible and find its Truth has never

Mary Parnell's How to Read the Bible
How to read the Bible, PDF
How to read the Bible, html

The Mystery of Being

"A Disciple's Handbook"

"A Disciple's Handbook" in PDF

Notes on Book of Revelation

Mystery of the Seven Spirits of God

Christian E-books by Charles Pinkney

The gospel is the "Power of God" to all who believe.
In this age when philosophies enhance egos
and high mindedness, ego-centeredness, and self righteousness. In today's culture there is
division, deviding individuals and populations.
It is only the Gospel that brings peace,
producing humility and trust in the power of God.

Online html Version: The Gospel Without Religion

The Bible is a sealed book. God the almighty one is
a deity who hides himself in plain sight. It is only
faith that can open the knowledge of truth and the realities of the wonders of God and the truth of His Word.

Regional Poets and Authors

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Collected Poetry Works Of
Mary Agnes Stowell Pinkney
(1865 - 1954)

Other Poetry Literature and Education

Other Collections Prose, Poetry,
Writing and Educational Sites

A town called Fairmount
"Where the sun shines first in North Dakota"
Fairmount history is traced from its founding.
Like many rural farm communities there is
a continuing dynamic of change.

Fairmount ND Community

Mini Art Course in 9 Lessons

Junior HS Art Curriculum
Featuring Illustrated Lessons

Charles Pinkney has collected a broad range of teaching lessons and curricula in his career of art instruction. He presents them with illustrations that will be useful to students and teachers. Every lesson and procedure addresses "theme," "media," and "arrangement."

Art school Dropouts 

Complete Junior High Curriculum in Art


An Introduction to Art
9 Lessons of Guided Activities

Home School Art Curriculum

Learn the basics of art in just nine step-by-step lessons. Each week's lesson is illustrated and easy enough to follow for anyone from 6th grade to adult. For a home school setting this would be a good introduction to drawing and creativity.

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