A glimpse of Fairmount in 1907

This book holds descriptions, strictly in rhyme,
Rich accounts of old Fairmount's earliest times.
Filled with all the old names that everyone knew,
You will learn where they worked, and how they all grew.
Each enterprise bustled back in that day,
Hotels, food, and drug stores, and places to pray.
There were banks, there were lawyers and good doctors too.
Fairmount had everything needed to thrive,
and four major railroads to keep it alive.

NEW: PDF scanned from 1907 43-page document
entitled: "Ode to Fairmount"

Includes many historic photos and descriptions of Fairmount during its first years.

Compilation, Poems by Agnes S Pinkney, 1865-1954
Fairmount's Poet Laureate

Rare Rocks & Native Artifacts

A copy of a Fairmount ND post card printed in 1910

Images of the first churches in Fairmount (1909 postcard)

Fairmount's Early History
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History of Fairmount Soo Line in early Fairmount
(Thanks to Alton Chermak, St. Cloud, Minnesota)

Welcome to the Fairmount Community

Fairmount lies in the south-eastern most part of North Dakota bordering Minnesota and South Dakota, "Where the sun shines first in North Dakota." As a community, Fairmount offers small-town serenity with many social and economic advantages. Fairmount's school system is the very model of excellence and high standards.

In Fairmount there are attractive and economical real estate purchase options. The housing market here offers a wide range of attractive and affordable existing homes as well as the choice of new custom-home design packages. Fairmount has a newly developed housing addition with prepared lots being offered for one dollar. (A buck buys a lot!)

Fairmount lies in easy commuting range of several larger communities. An hour of travel, more or less, places the sportsman in prime hunting and fishing locations.

Fairmount's historical background -- a settlement since1878"

Concierge" A wealth of information
and help for any moving into this area.
The goal of Concierge is to make your move as pleasant and fret-free as possible.

The Spiritual life of the community ...area churches

Homes and Real Estate. Buy Existing. Build New Plans.

Fairmount Commercial Club, promoting Fairmount

The Fairmount War Memorial

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Fairmount ND Vicinity
Fairmount area map

Legion War Memorial
Fairmount School
Fairmount School

Flour Milling

Bois de Sioux
(Source of the Red River)

Courtesy of Charles Pinkney
Publisher of FriendlyArts.Net


Community Theatre

Ardent Mills, Flour Milling

Fairmount Lockers
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Regional Weather


A Lot for a Buck

American Legion Post 106

Rare Rock Monument

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Fairmount School

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History of Fairmount

History of Soo Line in

Photos of Early Fairmount,

Delmer Steffens; video link 1

Fairmount, Delmer Steffens, host; video tour, link 2

Fairmount, Steffens video
tour, link 3