Test Your Christian Beliefs

  • I remember being born again.

  • I remember being baptized.

  • I know the experience of being renewed in mind and spirit.

  • I have experienced a miracle.

  • I believe Jesus lives in me.

  • God answers my prayers.

  • God speaks to me.

  • I have trouble knowing if my thoughts are my own or God's thoughts.

  •  God's agenda for the people of the world is not what it was in the days of
    the Old Covenant prophets.


    Discuss these questions in your own Bible study or examine these statements

    on your own for self examination.  Check as many points that you feel may

    apply or add another that may not be listed. Scripture should validate a

    viewpoint when differences in doctrine arise.
    Not everyone is going to have the same

    understanding on every point. Differences in view points should not lead to discord but should only

    prompt us to seek greater understanding of God, our Creator and Redeemer, Jesus of Nazareth.

    The Bible - Is for those who can understand it o Needs additional books to explain

    it or complete it
    o Is revealed by the Holy Spirit o Other o

The Bible - Is the sole source of doctrine and spiritual wisdom o Is equal to other

revelations from God such as the Vedas
o Is a picture of Jesus Christ o

Is in contradiction with natural science
o Other o

The Church - Is God's house o Is where we Go on Sundays for worship services o

Is not a building but people o Other o

The Pastor - Is in charge of the spiritual life of the fellowship o Is in charge of safe

 guarding doctrine
o Is most qualified to do spiritual works o Is equipped with

 supernatural gifting and enablments
o Other o

Ministry - Is the work of trained church workers o Is modeled after Jesus Christ's spiritual works o

Is what every disciple does
o Other o

The Holy Spirit - Is God o Is a Separate God o Never speaks for Himself o Other o

Jesus - The most perfect man who did not sin o Eternal God incarnate in Man o

A man who had more of the Holy Spirit
o A being God created o Other

The Crucifixion - Was God's plan o Was a blood sacrifice o Was Pilate's fault o

Allowed God to curse His Son
o Other o

The Resurrection - Freed man from the legal control of Satan o Meant we could be resurrected o

Made it possible for us to be like Jesus
o Set Jesus above all persons and things o Other o

We could still be Christians without it
o Other o

The New Creation - Is based upon a witness, a confession and a miracle o Is an acceptance and a commitment o

Makes a person new inside as one 'begotten'
o May or may not be felt o Other

The Spirit Man - Is a higher form of the unconscious mind o Resides and comes forth from the mind o

Bears witness to the Word of God
o Yearns to be with God o Other o

God's will and thoughts for us - Have all been expressed in the Word o Will be revealed in the right time o

May be directed toward us personally
o Can not be known o Other o

The Devil - Is a foolish superstition o Is in charge of angels o Leaves Christians alone o

Brings death, darkness and destruction
o Other

Spiritual warfare - Is done by Jesus on our behalf o - Is done by us in Jesus name o Is done in silent prayer o

Is not our problem
o Other o

Intercession - Is the same as spiritual warfare o Is not possible without being born again o Is more effective after the

baptism of the spirit
o Can save others from harm o Other

Diseases - May be the result of a curse o Are subject to Jesus name o Are put upon man to test us by God o

Have a spiritual source
o Other

Praying - Is reciting familiar prayers o - Includes listening and saying o Should be done with confident expectancy o

Includes praise and thanksgiving
o Other

Prayer - Is offered to the Father o Is prayed to the Holy Spirit o Is directed to Jesus o

Is prayed as though Jesus, not us were praying
o Other

Holy Spirit prayer - Is prayed in other tongues o may be spontaneous utterances and leadings o

Is carefully planned or written
o Has power and fervency o Other

Religion - Should be banished from church o Consists of sacred and personal traditions o

Is something that God loves
o Other o

Body ministry - Adds power through many anointing gifts o Brings confusion to the service o

Needs to be learned through practice
o Has no place in a modern church service o Other o

Praying in the spirit - Should not occur without an interpretation - Should not be confused with a message in tongues o

Brings the mind in conformity with the Spirit
o Is understood by angels and demons

Walking in the spirit -
Is not possible without the baptism of the Spirit o Is the same as a good feeling or positive attitude

Is functioning in the mind and emotions of Christ o Is using willpower to keep lusts in check o Other o -

The World - Is more enlightened now than it once was o Has no knowledge of truth and goodness o Will be judged for

rejecting Jesus' gospel
o Has no answers for Christians o Other o

Sin - Everyone is born a sinner o God sees Christians as sinners o Christians need to keep religious laws, commandments o

Sin gives Satan an opportunity in us
o Other

Judgment - Church members will go to heaven o Hell is promised to any not in the book of life o Confession of sin brings

o Those who reject Jesus can not know God o Other

Salvation - Jesus brings salvation o Baptism brings salvation o Good deeds bring salvation o We can't know with certainty

that we will go to heaven
o Other

Sons & daughters of God - God wants us to act like Jesus o We can have spiritual power & authority now o Evil men like

Ted Bundy can still go to heaven
o God reproduces Jesus in us if we let him o Other o


Updated August 08 2023